lauren kolm
is a graphic designer
based in brooklyn, ny

about ︎

After a candidate is hired via A-List, AngelList’s premium recruitment product, the Candidate Operations team sends them a congratulatory gift of $500 to celebrate their new role and thank them for letting the company help in their job search. 

AngelList’s old gift experience involved sending a branded water bottle to candidates through USPS and was severely fragmented, very manual, set confusing expectations, and created a large amount of help tickets. One candidate, upon receiving their gift, even described the somber, black package they received as a “coffin” .

As a solution, myself and Creative Director Shane Zucker opted to partner with Tremendous to create an immersive, digital gifting experience for successful A-List candidates. In exchange for a physical package, we created a highly personalized (pulling data to populate each candidate’s page with their name, new role, and a personalized message from their recruitment point-person) and conversational redemption platform that added back in the delight and professionalism missing from the black gift box. 

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