lauren kolm
is a graphic designer
based in brooklyn, ny

about ︎

Art direction and identity for Paperless Post’s groovy, 70s-inspired  Flyer vibe, Foxy.

Paperless Post introduced Flyer in 2018 as a fun, informal alternative to the company’s classic cards product.  Meant for low-key get-togethers and an internet-savvy crowd, it allows users to mix & match “vibes”—a curated set of colors, gifs, stickers, and animated text effects and share with their friends over a wide range of digital platforms.

As one of the Flyer product’s first vibes, Foxy leans into the eclectic vibrancy of the disco era in order to fully emphasize to users how different Flyer is from the company’s other products. The vibe’s fun and expressive design widens customer expectations of what Paperless can offer them and expands how the brand is perceived. 

Bearing the tagline “For when you’re fully prepared to blame it on the boogie”, Foxy offers Flyer users a collection of youthful 70s imagery that is usable across a wide variety of casual event types. 

Make your own Flyer using Foxy here!

Foxy’s backgrounds embody the aesthetic mash-up of the 70’s, paying homage to both the bohemian earth tones of Woodstock and the glittery neon of Studio 54. 

The vibe’s color palette is composed of warm earth shades with the vibrancy bumped up, alluding to the kaleidoscopic prints and patterns typical of the time period. 

Typefaces used  in the vibe’s animated text effects are a combination of informal san-serifs, funky displays, and retro serifs.

Foxy’s animated stickers are inspired by nostalgic items from the time period and psychedelic band posters. The stickers enable users to spice up personal photos or gifs they upload to the platform with elements that jibe with the vibe.  

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