lauren kolm
is a graphic designer
based in brooklyn, ny

about ︎

Book interiors design for Italian theoretical physicist and writer Carlo Rovelli’s book, Seven Brief Lessons on Physics. Published by Riverhead Books in 2016, the book has been translated into 41 languages, with more than a million copies sold.

The design’s type combination (elegant Adobe Garamond Pro, with  modern DIN as a display type), healthy dose of negative space, and open leading give the dense subject-matter room to breathe. 


 “This beautifully designed little book — the swirl of copper dots on its inky black cover evoking seething subatomic particles or a vast swirl of galaxies — shows that science, with its curiosity, its intense engagement with what there really is, its readiness to jettison received ways of seeing, is a kind of poetry too.”—Financial Times

“This beautiful little volume playfully introduces its readers to several basic principles of physics in an easy-to-grasp style that will surprise and delight you.”—San Francisco Chronicle

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