lauren kolm
is a graphic designer
based in brooklyn, ny

about ︎

Asset creation and animation for Paperless Post’s  kids’ birthday Flyer vibe, Stardust.

Paperless Post introduced Flyer in 2018. Meant for low-key get-togethers and an internet-savvy crowd, it allows users to mix & match then share “vibes” —a curated set of colors, gifs, stickers, and animated text effects— as a fun, informal alternative to Paperless Post's classic cards.

Having observed how  popular fantasy motifs such as unicorns and princesses are among their user base on the traditional card side, Paperless decided they needed a Flyer collection capitalizing on this trend that could be used for casual kid’s birthday events. 

Stardust offers Flyer users a selection of sweet, soft backgrounds that feel both playful and commercial. 

Make your own Flyer using Stardust  here!

Stardust’s animated backgrounds feature exaggerated forms with a focus on naive, simplified silhouettes and striking compositions.

The backgrounds feature playful motion applied to both detailed, narrative  illustrations and simpler, pattern-based moments. Holographic foil is used throughout to add an additional layer of dimensionality and color. 



The vibe’s color palette relies heavily on cool-tone pastels.

Typefaces are bold and jaunty, with enough presence to hold their own on busy backdrops.

Stickers are scribbled or doodled  with an air of whimsy and irreverence.
The sticker set features a lot of accessories to serve a UGC-happy customer.

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